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Over 20 years of Excellence


2018-04 Shipping of 11 construction machines by Caterpillar

  Another achievement this year was selling all in all eleven machines by Caterpillar. Caterpillar is the world biggest producer of multifaceted construction machines with a great quality. On the 14th of May we have shipped all machines together from Bremen to our clients. Before delivering the machines, we repaired them and made a touch […]

2018-03 Shipping of Liebherr LTM 1200-5.1 AT Crane

In March 2018 we have shipped our Liebherr LTM 1200-5.1 (YOM: 2011) to the Middle East.

2018-02 Delivery of Tadano Faun ATF 70G-4 Crane

The Tadano Faun ATF 70G-4 (YoM: 2013) was shipped in February 2018

2018-02 Shipping of three new Locatelli RT Cranes

  In February 2018 we also shipped three brand new Locatelli RT cranes. The models are Gril 33.30 and GRIL 55.50

2018-01 Delivery of two Terex-Demag AT Cranes

  In January two Terex-Demag cranes are shipped to one of our customers in the Middle East. The models are: Terex-Demag AC 160-2 (YoM: 2011) and Terex-Demag AC 140C (YoM: 2013)  

2017-12 Delivery of brand new Locatelli RT cranes

  By the end of the year, we will be delivering 7 brand new Locatelli RT cranes to one of our main customers in the Middle East. The first cranes are already shipped. The models are GRIL 55.50 and GRIL 33.30.

2017-11 Dispatch of 9 units brand new AIRO manlifts

In the beginning of November this year, we have dispatched 9 units of brand new AIRO manlifts from 16 to 23m working hight. The name AIRO comes from an ancient Greek word meaning to rise or to lift. That’s fitting.

2017-10 Commissioning, errection and training of our DEMAG CC2400-1 at customers yard

  Middle of October 2017, our Terex Demag CC 2400-1, a 400 ton Crawler Crane, arrived at the final destination in the Middle East. Soon after our client has finished the clearance and transportation of the crane to the yard, we have sent technicians from Terex for commissioning, errection and training to our client. The […]

2017-05 Delivery of a brand new 35-tons truck-mounted crane, model TCM C350SP

In May 2017 we have shipped the 4th brand new truck-mounted crane to one of our clients in the middle-east. The crane has a capacity of 35 tons. The crane has a capacity of 35 tons and has some customer-specific extras such as an auxiliary engine, spark arrestor and more. The crane is mounted on […]

2016-06 Commissioning and training of our DEMAG AC 500-2 in the Middle East

In June 2016, we handed over our Terex Demag AC 500-2 to our customers in the Middle East. After handing over of the crane, we had a joint set-up and a 2-week on-site training by our technicians.

2017-07 It’s time. Our new website is online.

It’s time. Our new website is online. We are very pleased to finally present our new website and wish you a lot of fun while discovering our homepage.